Investing and diversifying your portfolio in Greece/ Europe (Part 2)

Let’s continue with part 2 of the investing and diversifying your portfolio.
Next in the list is cryptocurrency also know as crypto.
4) In the cryptocurrency world Bitcoin is the king with 66% of the total market cap of cryptocurrencies. Second biggest player is of course Ethereum with 8% from there thousands other cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell crypto in numerous websites and exchanges, including money apps like Revolut. My platform of choice for crypto is Coinbase one of the largest in the world. The way I purchase crypto is the following with 22 simple steps. Just kidding I have not counted them. The downside of Coinbase and other crypto apps are their commissions. In order to buy the convenient way it will cost a lot more than the hard way. If you purchase directly using credit/ debit card up to 4% + a margin compared to the current price of the crypto. To overcome this you can deposit money using SEPA transfers this is about 1 Euro per transfer, the money will appear in the account in about 2 business days. Next you login to with your Coinbase account, fees here are 0.5% a lot lower than in Coinbase, and transfer money from your Coinbase wallet. Then you can buy directly from the exchange. Previously maker orders where not charged any fees at all, but this has changed now. More on maker and taker orders and how to trade using Coinbase Pro in a future post.

5) Another asset class that I have in my investment portfolio is Equity crowdfunding, in other words you buy a small piece in a new company mostly startups. The two platforms that I have used in the past is Seedrs and Crowdcube , both UK based platforms. These have many interesting companies that you may like and want to invest in them. Keep in mind that only Seedrs has a secondary market and generally do not expect any return of investment for years, if at all. Only join because you want to support a company with great products. Another way to invest in a company is directly to the company you want to support, one of them is Brewdog where you can become a shareholder of a company with great beer. If you buy share please use R096584 as a referral code. A lot of perks apply for shareholders for example free delivery for online purchases for a year and 10% off at Brewdog bars around the world(This is awesome because you can walk in a Brewdog bar like you own the place and get a nice discount as a bonus!).

6) Real Estate/ Financing crowdfunding represent opportunities where you finance Real Estate opportunities or provide working capital for companies. The first that I ever used was Housers a Spanish platform where you fund various project types for example Development Loans,Fixed Interest or Buy-to-let from Spain,Portugal and Italy. In general most project promise great returns but I believe their due diligence could be better and the advertised returns lower to match actual performances. The second that I am using is Crowdestate an Estonian platform providing investment opportunities like Mortgage-backed loans,Secured loans,working capital etc. Crowdestate only offers funding opportunities with specified length, in contrast with Housers where you can invest indefinitely in an actual apartment for example. Again due diligence in companies that Crowdestate adds to the platforms should be more intense and diligent, pun intended.

That’s all from the asset classes I have in my portfolio, of course there are numerous other platforms and opportunities but I only discuss the ones that I have used personally.

Here you can see a pie chart of how I have invested my cryptocurrency portfolio

And here is the current state.

Current Value percentages by November 2019

As you can see Bitcoin dominates as the other cryptos have lost a lot more.

If you missed Part 1 you can find it here

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